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Writing is the start of the journey.

August 11, 2015

This book has taken more than fifteen years to write and been through lots of drafts and changes.

It feels fated. Each time I balance on the precipice and think I am ready to take the next step to launch it something happens to prevent me getting to the computer to finalise it. I need a secretary so that I can lie on a chaise and direct. Preferably to someone who is more tech savvy than me.

More than once through my own frustrations it has ended up in the bin.

But, it is almost ready to go. I simply need the courage to believe my health will improve and I will be able, albeit in small stages, get it ready.

I can write the blurb on my kindle, upload the cover, on kdp select. Simples. Let’s hope so. Typing this blog is dipping my toe in.


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